How long does it take to make an App?
We can typicall create a fully functioning mobile app in 2-3 weeks. It is another 10-14 days for the approval process with Apple and Google before the app is available for download.
How will people know I have an App?
One of the best ways to promote downloads is through your current means of reaching your customers. Typical methods are Website, Social Media, Email Blast... We can also provide promotional materials to advertise your app in your business. Some of our clients have promoted downloads of their app with incentives like 10% off next purchase, or free appetizer with download.
Is there an additional cost for adding functionality after the app is launched?
No. As part of the on going maintenance we will make any additonal changes to your app at no cost. You also have the ability to make simple changes to your app with our client dashboard at any time.
What is the difference with a mobile website and a mobile app?
A mobile website is specifically designed for smaller screens and the touchscreens of smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps can function in mush the same way mobile websites do but with some key differences. Mobile apps can work in the background and are native to the phone. They can track the indvidual with the app for loyalty, coupons, sending push notifications and easily use mobile payments. The mobile app is also accessed with one touch and the mobile webistes are something people need to search for on the internet.
How do I receive orders made through my Mobile App?
When your customers place an order through your mobile app, they will receive an email that the order has been delivered. You will recieve the order several ways. Email, Printer, Client Dashboard and its possible to also set up a text notification and a fax of the order. We suggests using a tablet with a printer. the tablet can display the client dashboard with all your orders and the orders can be set up to automatically print.
Can I integrate orders into my POS System?
The complecated answer is maybe. If you already have a Ecommerce solution that intergrates into your POS and your website is mobile friendly, then we can incorporate that system into the app. If you don't already have this in place, then the answer is no.
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